Hospitality Solutions
Hospitality Solutions
What Sazirka Does Best

Our team has years of experience to identify your sales and marketing needs. These days, competition between property rental is remarkably high and the need to be prepared with a high conversion rate to survive is increasing. This is where our tools, analysis and extensive experience will help you do it.

We understand that each property has its own uniqueness attached to it, and we always take this into our consideration when analyzing and implementing the Sales and Marketing Strategies. Realization of our Clients’ Financial Target is our final.

Sazirka is here to provide you thorough Management Service and/ or Sales & Marketing Consultation Services in the following areas:

  • Sales and Marketing Consultation for product positioning in the market
  • Sales and Marketing Consultation for distribution via suitable channels
  • Your property very own SWOT Analysis and Rate Structure
  • Financial Projection
  • Time-based Action Plan
  • Online Sales and Marketing Development and Maintenance
  • Regular Visit
  • Reservation System Support
  • Monthly Comprehensive Report
  • Human Resources

We also provide solutions for investors who own land and want to process it into productive properties.

Starting from professional consultants and mechanical consultants, conceptual design, architecture, layout, drawings, to interior and exterior design to provide the best final design touch.

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